duminică, 24 aprilie 2011

"Matrix" Gogonea, dansatorul din Romania care l-a impresionat pe David Hasselhoff

Razy Gogonea, originar din Romania, actualmente traitor in Manchester, a impresionat juriul de la "Britain's got Talent" prin dansul "matrix like". Exceptional! Juriul a ramas marcat de momentul romanului:
Michael McIntyre: 'I loved you Razy, there were things I never seen humans do. I thought it was excellent, I really enjoyed watching it. You are Neo from The Matrix.'
Amanda Holden: 'I found it exciting, you used the whole stage which is very good. Beautifully choreographed, excellent job. Well done!'
David Hasselhoff: 'You're like a real life videogame, very very entertaining. Well done.'

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Special Koko spunea...

F tare ♥

...desi daca te uiti la comentarii...deja au inceput cu "gipsy" 8-|

Zuzele spunea...

Mda, pai si Anglia are dobitocii ei!

Anonim spunea...

foarte frumos.
Pe asta il stiati?

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